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Our Story

As a mother of 7 grown children, I find that the memories I treasure the most are the days that were special to them in their faith life – their Baptism and First Holy Communion – when God’s presence was felt even closer.

Combining my deep love for my Faith and my children, Embroidered Heirlooms was created. I wanted to create items for all the moms who long to start traditions for their family. Every Christening gown is designed with great attention to detail, and constructed using the finest fabrics and trims, giving you an exquisite gown, worthy of the Holy occasion, and able to be passed down for generations. My children tease me that I am a “fabric snob”. To me, spending time creating a garment from junky fabric is a waste of time and money. I want my customers to LOVE their item and know that their money was well spent.  When I hear a customer tell me they “cried for joy” when they opened their box, I know they have a gown that will be treasured for a long time in their family.

A particular goal of my business has been to design and create First Communion dresses that reflect the innocence of childhood, and the dignity and Holiness of the Sacrament. My First Communion gowns are designed for little girls – not adult women in smaller clothes.  I have gained a wonderful following from moms who also long to see their daughters dressed in Holy, innocent clothing on their most important day of receiving the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ for the first time.  Because of the overwhelming success, my husband, Michael, has joined me in growing Embroidered Heirlooms to meet the demands.  I have spent the last three years training a small group the heirloom sewing techniques required to make these beautiful gowns – making sure that the quality always remains of the highest standard.

Every gown – Christening or Communion –  can be embroidered with the name and date of the Sacrament on the slip – a written account of who wore the gown and when.

With over 40 years of sewing experience, I’m so grateful I have found a sewing niche where I can offer items that encourage faith, family, and connection.  Welcome to Embroidered Heirlooms!  Thank you for taking the time to look into the beautiful world of heirloom garments.